Thursday, August 02, 2007

Greeting from Crowne Plaze Hotel KL

hey has been ages since i last updated my blog...2 reasons...i forgot my password to the blog & too busy with works & things lately.

i am currently in Crowne Plaza Hotel in KL for training and tonight will be my last night here...i hv enjoyed my stay and time away from office this week...kinda giving myself the chance to recharge and refresh...a much needed one i must add ; )

well...can't wait for the football season to start as it has been 3 miserable months without football & asian cup, copa americas, etc. didn't provide the kind of excitement and entertainment which would interest us.

that's abt it for now...will update more often in the future...hopefully my blog would be promoted again since it was relegated earlier :P


Blogger queen_of_bee said...

oh...just next door only :)

8:53 PM


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