Thursday, March 29, 2007

F**k You Snatch Thieves!!!

I just dont understand why some muthaf**cking snatch thief wanna hurt ppl to get minimal amount of money??? I wish these f**ckers would burn in hell!!!

My grandma fell victim to a snatch thief in Ampang area and she is currently being hospitalised, I heard that she lost some skins on her face, broken nose, mouth and knee. Her knee need some "screwing" to fix. My grandma is 70 over years old now, it is really painful to hear that she has to suffer all these pains. I am going to visit her after this post...I just can't stop feeling angry and pissed now and at the same time I really feel like crying becos my grandma is in pain.

If you managed to catch any snatch thieves in the future, please help me to give them a hell of a bashing!!! Call me please, I'll be there to help you out!!! F**kers!!!


Blogger -KCB- said...

Sorry to hear about your granma... Hope she's fine soon.

4:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


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