Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year - New Resolutions

It is that time of the year again where some of us will sit down to write down our resolutions for the New Year. As we look back to 2006 on what we have achieved and lost, it is important that we take pride in what we have gained and learned from the experiences for what we have let slipped.
Here's my resolutions for 2007 (I must said some were from 2006 or 2005 or 2004 :P) and I'll be working hard to achieve them.
1. Lose weight and maintain weight at 70kg - according to BMI calculation, this would be my
optimal weight : )
2. Learn swimming - been trying to do this forever!!!
3. Save $$$ (confidential - can't reveal how much I'm going to save :P)
4. Six Sigma and some other management certifications.
5. Get JG5
6. Stop ranting & control my emotion during games - it's just a game : )
Those were the BIG items and I sure will be working hard to ensure I wont carry forward this year's resolution to 2008. Last by not least...HAPPY NEW YEAR ppl!!!


Blogger momento said...

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12:26 AM

Blogger xman said...

still can't swim ah?? *slaps forehead*

12:28 AM


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