Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cyberjaya Prima Avenue Basketball Tournament

Short update here...yesterday I played in this Basketball tournament organized by Prima Avenue and it was a tournament organized for all companies within the Cyberjaya vicinity. Our first game was against Motorola and they really have some good players and shooters but then again Shell IT have the tallest guys in the tournament, we have this Singh guy who is 6'6 and he barely needs to jump for rebounds and he was grabbing rebound on both offensive and defensive boards. We were playing for 4 halves of 10 minutes and I played for about 12 mins of those 40 mins, yeah I'm among the substitutes as we have really good guys on the floor already, I'm kinda the player to count on to allow the star players to catch their breath hehehe...don't really mind that as this game is about teamwork and everyone is playing a part even though I'm playing the "kelefe" role la hehehe. The only contribution that I can remember I did for the team was the 3-pointer at the end of the game that I nailed feels good considering the fact that I haven't been playing basketball for wise I'm fine but my movements are all out!!! We won the game by 55 to 21 points and had great fun and our next game is against DHL which is a very strong team but no worries as we have 3 tall guys in our team. Can't wait for 22nd Nov to come...hands itchy already hahaha.

Check out the winners! Look how tall are the rest of the guys...luckily I am not the shortest guy in the team hehehe : ) For once I feel short - now I know how Cracko feels hahaha (in case you are wondering who's Cracko, please go here - he's the guy in the middle in which I'm about to chop : )


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