Friday, September 05, 2008

Floored by Appendicitis

Hi...I'm back ; ) I am currently on medical leaves after my appendix surgery last week. Last Monday night , I started to feel some pain in my abdomen area and I thought it was just some stomach pain. I didn't really sleep well that night and waited until morning to get my uncle to check on the pain for me. He said very likely I kena appendicitis (inflammation to the appendix). In my head, I was thinking, "Oh God! This means surgery for me!". Well, I have went thru the last 28yrs or so without having to go under the knife but I guess I can't keep the streak going anymore hehehe.

I was admitted to SJMC for the surgery. Before the surgery, it is kinda suffering as there is a sharp pain on my right abdomen and moreover I have not eaten anything or drink any water for about 12 hrs. I am not allowed to eat or drink before the surgery so besides feeling the pain I also felt hungry hehehe.

I remember being pushed to the operation theatre and there are 5 people surrounding me and they all start doing different things. Two of them applied something on my legs and it was very cold, another 2 were busy putting mask on my mouth and keep reminding me to breathe normally and another 1 was the surgeon I supposed as I can't see clearly without my spectacle.

The next thing I know is that I woke up to a voice that says, "Mr.Choo, the operation is over". Everything is quite blurry, I was kinda know what's happening but can't help wondering if it is real.

The night after the operation was kinda suffering for me also. I was unable to pass urine for about 12 hrs. According to the nurse, it seems that the bladder is still "sleeping" becos of the anesthetic and thus the suffering la. I can't explain the relief after the bladder has awaken :P

I was not allowed to eat and drink least until I farted. The dr. said this is to ensure that my bowels are already working or "awake" so that foods I would wallop could be digested properly. In totality, I have not eaten anything for almost 48 hrs and finally the moment I have been waiting for has arrived. "Pppppppppppprrrrrrrrrttttttttttt!!!!" I have finally farted...the feeling is like scoring the winning goal for European Finals game hahaha!!!

I'm glad that it is over now and I am resting at home waiting for the wounds to heal. But another sad thing is that I am not allowed to perform heavy duty stuff such as weight-lifting and no football for at least a month :(

I hope I still can achieve my target for my weight-loss resolution set early this year. As if with the gym closing down (YES! My blardy gym bankrupted already!) it is not already bad enough and now this! Nevermind, I guess everything happened for a reason. On the positive side, the surgery forced me to diet for 2 days and cut back on my foods...I guess I look leaner now hehehe.

Well, you be the judge la ; )

Just hope that I won't overeat during this 1 month la especially that I am not allowed to exercise hahaha.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I am still here!

hey hey hey...most of you would be thinking that this blog is dead...well, who can blame you? since i hv not been updating for a while...nothing much to update actually :P

anyway...will write soon...just a quick entry to assure ppl that i'm still here ; )

take care n be good to yourself :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Attacked By Red Bombs

Hey has been ages since I update my blog yet again!!! Hahaha...kinda expected of me now. Anyway...I have been simply busy with year end stuff...been doing year end reviews, attending weddings and parties ; ) Life is good despite the hectic schedule as I get to meet some old friends during wedddings and of course enjoy the process of organizing the parties.

Yeah, I am the chairman of the Event Committee for my department and my team and I are in charge in bringing fun filled activities to the department. Well, my term has almost come to an end as I would be handing over the responsibilities to next year's Event Committee. Part of me feels relieved and another part of me feels sad as I have always enjoyed working with my team as they were awesome bunch of people to work with. I will always remember the good times we had despite there are some we are all stressed to achieve our goals ; )

Well, for the month of Nov & Dec, I would say beside being busy with works, I believe most of us has been attacked by some red bombs especially for those within my age. Starting Nov til mid Dec, almost every week I have wedding dinner to attend.

Red Bombs!

All the wedding dinners are kinda scattered too. I have attended and will be attending dinner in KL, Bangi, Melaka, Setiawan and Kuching. Hahaha, good opportunity to travel around also la even though it is a short trip.

And for the 1st time, I had become "Ji Mui" in my life for one of my Secondary school frens. It was kinda fun and being Ji Mui has a lot of perks and privilleges. More on that in my next posting. Sneak preview on Mei's wedding in the pic below:

So Cute!!!

I guess that's all for now. I need to prepare for my department Appreciation Night Dinner now as the dinner is on tomorrow and we all will be dressing up Funky-ly, Groovy-ly & Hippy-ly :P
Here's the sneak preview on how FUNKY I would be:

Am I FUNKY enuf? :P

I personally have spent RM300 for some Funky-O clothes...can't wait for the dinner tomorrow and bring back the 32" LCD TV should I win it from the Lucky Draw....hahaha....wish me luck! :P

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Reds are Back on Song?

Tonight is the big game between the 2 giants of EPL...judging by form, everyone's money would be on Arsenal to bag the 3 pts away from Anfield. As usual, Alberto (my football watching buddy) would be predicting the headline for tomorrow's paper in the sports section. Being Alberto who is a diehard Man U fan, I guess his prediction would be "Gunners & Reds share the spoil" or "Reds are Back on Song". For the first time, we would be supporting Liverpool to overcome or to stop the Gunners from marching further up the table.

Judging by Rafa's tinkering (remind you of Ranieri???) on the squad, I would hope for the best and hopefully with the return of Spanish axis of Alonso and Torres, Rafa could get it right. In additional, my favourite player Harry Kewell is back from injury as well and would be in contention for a place in the bench. He had scored wonder goal against Arsenal before while playing for Leeds and I would be hoping that he could do the same thing again tonight.

Anfield used to be the fotress where we collect tonnes of points and record number of clean sheets which helped Reina to the best GK of EPL for 2 seasons and I am sure Rafa would have the wits to overcome the rampaging Gunners.

Can't wait till the game kicks off ; )

Sunday, September 16, 2007

2007 Resolutions in Review

Again, it has been a while since my last update...well at least I am still updating my blog now ;) Today and tomorrow are my off days, gotta send my mum to airport today and another friend tomorrow. It is also a good opportunity for me to rest and to clear my leaves as part of my work life balance commitments.

Well, looking back at my previous postings, I found the promises in which I had made to myself at the start of the year and I thought, it is a good time to review what I have achieved/failed to achieved so here we go:

1. Lose weight and maintain weight at 70kg - according to BMI calculation, this would be my optimal weight : )
Status:Still weighing at 80kg...few months back I was 82kg..managed to reduce back to 80kg...I still have 3 months to achieve my goal...gotta work hard here!!!
Verdict:FAILED! 3 months to make things right ; )

2. Learn swimming - been trying to do this forever!!!
Status:Been to swimming and getting better at it now but still got phobia at deep end...need to practice more and overcome the phobia.
Verdict:FAILED! 3 months to be like Ian long as I can swim, I am happy ; )

3. Save $$$ (confidential - can't reveal how much I'm going to save :P)
Status:Unable to track at this point of time as I have been paying upfront on a lot of stuff related to office's Away Day. Been claiming those moolah back since forever. In, out, in, out! If I managed to keep those money in the bank...I could make a couple of "Frappucino" from Starbucks...sigh.
Verdict:On track as I have always maintain healthy financial flow for myself.

4. Six Sigma and some other management certifications.
Status:Didn't do any certification yet...enrolled myself for Business Analysis and ITIL Practitioner though.
Verdict:On track as trainings have been scheduled in Oct & Nov.

5. Get JG5
Status:WIP...pending HR processing
Verdict:No comment.

6. Stop ranting & control my emotion during games - it's just a game : )
Status:Been up & down...pretty much depending on my emotion during the games. I think so far I have improved and I have been able to keep my emotion in check most of the times...well, I do lost it at times.
Verdict:FAILED. I need to learn to relax and enjoy the game...being passionate is good but being more than passionate is CRAZY!

In summary, I have failed to achieve my resolution for 2007...yet! I still have 3 months to at least achieve some of them if not all...I would have to work extra hard to achieve them now...I believe I can and therefore I will achieve all my goals!

Be right back with the results of my commitmments this year end ; )

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Greeting from Crowne Plaze Hotel KL

hey has been ages since i last updated my blog...2 reasons...i forgot my password to the blog & too busy with works & things lately.

i am currently in Crowne Plaza Hotel in KL for training and tonight will be my last night here...i hv enjoyed my stay and time away from office this week...kinda giving myself the chance to recharge and refresh...a much needed one i must add ; )

well...can't wait for the football season to start as it has been 3 miserable months without football & asian cup, copa americas, etc. didn't provide the kind of excitement and entertainment which would interest us.

that's abt it for now...will update more often in the future...hopefully my blog would be promoted again since it was relegated earlier :P

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Looking for Breather

Suprise suprise...YES! I am updating my blog now...just wondering to myself where did I find the time to do this now! Life has been hectic and busy for the past few weeks.

It has been 2 weekends in which I have been continuously engaged with company's acitivities. 2 weeks back I was at Pangkor together with my colleagues for some team building activities. It was a very tiring trip considering the fact that we travelled on Bas Sekolah for more than 3 hours to get to the destination. Nothing memorable from the trip in which I could update here.

Last week, on my own choice, I only managed to sleep for 2 hours on Thurday morning as I wanted to watch the Champions League Final in which Liverpool lost : ( then on Friday I have to attend this NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) training in KL. The training lasted until Sunday 8pm and there goes my weekends again!!!

Thank God that there is no activities for this weekend and I am going to have a good rest. I will bring my mum for a good dinner as well considering the fact that I didn't celebrate Mother's Day with her few weeks back.

I think my job is eating into my life now! I will need to differentiate one from another, I am not any younger and I should spend sometime thinking for myself and my family. I will look into my resolutions for this year and review what have I achieved and what I have yet to achieved and put some time and efforts into achieving my resolutions.

As for now, all I need is a breather for all the workloads dumped upon me! Once I am recharged, I will be more efficient and effective to get them sorted out and get my life back!