Friday, September 05, 2008

Floored by Appendicitis

Hi...I'm back ; ) I am currently on medical leaves after my appendix surgery last week. Last Monday night , I started to feel some pain in my abdomen area and I thought it was just some stomach pain. I didn't really sleep well that night and waited until morning to get my uncle to check on the pain for me. He said very likely I kena appendicitis (inflammation to the appendix). In my head, I was thinking, "Oh God! This means surgery for me!". Well, I have went thru the last 28yrs or so without having to go under the knife but I guess I can't keep the streak going anymore hehehe.

I was admitted to SJMC for the surgery. Before the surgery, it is kinda suffering as there is a sharp pain on my right abdomen and moreover I have not eaten anything or drink any water for about 12 hrs. I am not allowed to eat or drink before the surgery so besides feeling the pain I also felt hungry hehehe.

I remember being pushed to the operation theatre and there are 5 people surrounding me and they all start doing different things. Two of them applied something on my legs and it was very cold, another 2 were busy putting mask on my mouth and keep reminding me to breathe normally and another 1 was the surgeon I supposed as I can't see clearly without my spectacle.

The next thing I know is that I woke up to a voice that says, "Mr.Choo, the operation is over". Everything is quite blurry, I was kinda know what's happening but can't help wondering if it is real.

The night after the operation was kinda suffering for me also. I was unable to pass urine for about 12 hrs. According to the nurse, it seems that the bladder is still "sleeping" becos of the anesthetic and thus the suffering la. I can't explain the relief after the bladder has awaken :P

I was not allowed to eat and drink least until I farted. The dr. said this is to ensure that my bowels are already working or "awake" so that foods I would wallop could be digested properly. In totality, I have not eaten anything for almost 48 hrs and finally the moment I have been waiting for has arrived. "Pppppppppppprrrrrrrrrttttttttttt!!!!" I have finally farted...the feeling is like scoring the winning goal for European Finals game hahaha!!!

I'm glad that it is over now and I am resting at home waiting for the wounds to heal. But another sad thing is that I am not allowed to perform heavy duty stuff such as weight-lifting and no football for at least a month :(

I hope I still can achieve my target for my weight-loss resolution set early this year. As if with the gym closing down (YES! My blardy gym bankrupted already!) it is not already bad enough and now this! Nevermind, I guess everything happened for a reason. On the positive side, the surgery forced me to diet for 2 days and cut back on my foods...I guess I look leaner now hehehe.

Well, you be the judge la ; )

Just hope that I won't overeat during this 1 month la especially that I am not allowed to exercise hahaha.