Sunday, September 16, 2007

2007 Resolutions in Review

Again, it has been a while since my last update...well at least I am still updating my blog now ;) Today and tomorrow are my off days, gotta send my mum to airport today and another friend tomorrow. It is also a good opportunity for me to rest and to clear my leaves as part of my work life balance commitments.

Well, looking back at my previous postings, I found the promises in which I had made to myself at the start of the year and I thought, it is a good time to review what I have achieved/failed to achieved so here we go:

1. Lose weight and maintain weight at 70kg - according to BMI calculation, this would be my optimal weight : )
Status:Still weighing at 80kg...few months back I was 82kg..managed to reduce back to 80kg...I still have 3 months to achieve my goal...gotta work hard here!!!
Verdict:FAILED! 3 months to make things right ; )

2. Learn swimming - been trying to do this forever!!!
Status:Been to swimming and getting better at it now but still got phobia at deep end...need to practice more and overcome the phobia.
Verdict:FAILED! 3 months to be like Ian long as I can swim, I am happy ; )

3. Save $$$ (confidential - can't reveal how much I'm going to save :P)
Status:Unable to track at this point of time as I have been paying upfront on a lot of stuff related to office's Away Day. Been claiming those moolah back since forever. In, out, in, out! If I managed to keep those money in the bank...I could make a couple of "Frappucino" from Starbucks...sigh.
Verdict:On track as I have always maintain healthy financial flow for myself.

4. Six Sigma and some other management certifications.
Status:Didn't do any certification yet...enrolled myself for Business Analysis and ITIL Practitioner though.
Verdict:On track as trainings have been scheduled in Oct & Nov.

5. Get JG5
Status:WIP...pending HR processing
Verdict:No comment.

6. Stop ranting & control my emotion during games - it's just a game : )
Status:Been up & down...pretty much depending on my emotion during the games. I think so far I have improved and I have been able to keep my emotion in check most of the times...well, I do lost it at times.
Verdict:FAILED. I need to learn to relax and enjoy the game...being passionate is good but being more than passionate is CRAZY!

In summary, I have failed to achieve my resolution for 2007...yet! I still have 3 months to at least achieve some of them if not all...I would have to work extra hard to achieve them now...I believe I can and therefore I will achieve all my goals!

Be right back with the results of my commitmments this year end ; )


Blogger momento said...

dude the Intro to BA is quite interesting (if you're into project mgmt) - i plan to take the certification soon :D

11:33 PM

Blogger Jeremy Choo said...

momento...reveal urself pls ; )

12:12 PM


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