Saturday, March 03, 2007

My Baby Got Scratched

Last week, I went for a dinner in Concorde KL. It was the 81st birthday celebration for one of my distant relative...nevertheless I have to be the designated driver for my grandma, mum and god-ma. The dinner was quite grand with guest musician playing the "lok chi kam mo" hahaha. The foods were expensive stuff...we had salmon for lou sang as starter, shark fin, fish, grilled pigeon, etc.

The dinner was boring for me considering the fact that I didn't know most of the people there and for those who know me would ask me the most popular question "when you are getting married?". Luckily for me, my uncle helped me to answer the question. His answer was a killer until the aunties & uncles can't ask further questions hahaha...."he is cracking his head to choose which gal he wants". I am gonna to use this answer in the future hehehe.

Anyway, after sending everyone back and when I reached home I noticed there were some scratches on my car's bumper :( must be some amateur driver in KL who "kiss" my car when it was parked in Concorde's car park. I guess this is my luck baby is less than 2 months old when it got scracthed, need to spend RM100-150 to repaint it back. Good thing is that my luck during this CNY was good...won hundred plus so at least can cover a bit la ; )

Furthermore, I can't complain much compared to Steve who had his car wrecked. Click here to see what I mean ->

Happy Chap Goh Mei!!!


Blogger -KCB- said...

Kanne... Ham kar chan... no wonder I Wreck the car! change name or ur car gotta get more than a scratch!

4:43 PM


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