Wednesday, August 30, 2006

KK Trip - Did I Conquer Mount KK? Part 1

It has been a month since I got back from KK. I have been wanting to update on the trip in my blog so that I could remember some of the events that happened to me during the trip. This trip was planned since early this year when AirAsia offered "FREE" tickets - so I grabbed 2 tickets for Chee Wee & myself to KK. Chee Wee has conquered Mount KK once before this trip & he is eager to do it again & according to him, it is not that tough to climb - so I believe him (my biggest mistake!!!). So my main goal for this trip is to climb the so called "not so tough to climb" Mount KK. Before the trip, I am supposed to do some trainings to build up stamina & strengths but due to work commitments, I have failed to train even for 1 session before the trip.

So, the journey begins on 27/07/06 - we are supposed to depart at 3.15pm from KL to KK but knowing the obvious, the AirAsia flight got delayed & we only managed to depart from KL at 5.20pm & reached KK at around 7.30pm. So there isn't time to walk around KK town as we have planned : ( Took a taxi to this "Kinabalu Hotel" & checked in.

Next day, we went out with one of my staff's cousin. She was the "earth worm" in KK, so she brought us around KK town for sight seeing & foods yum yum : ) First stop is Yayasan Sabah & at the 18th floor there's this cozy & nicely designed restaurant called "Atmosphere". Lazy 2 explain here -pictures paint a thousand words : )

Yayasan Sabah - Tallest Building in Sabah

The Lounge in Atmosphere

Dining Tables in Atmosphere

Really nice & cozy moe? FYI, this restaurant is one of those in KL Tower, it could rotate!!! Good & bad though...BAD: I feel dizzy after a while probably not use to it. GOOD: If you wanted to go to the washroom, you don't have to walk there, just wait until the rotation to move until the washroom is align with where you are sitting hehehe : )

So, the BIG question of whether did I conquer Mount KK is still not answered yet yeh...that's the trick said in the title, this is part 1 only mah...kekeke...part 2 akan datang ya

Saturday, August 19, 2006

SITI Cyberjaya Annual Dinner

Yesterday was Shell IT International Cyberjaya's Annual Dinner and it was held at Palace of the Golden Horses, Mines. It was a "grand" place but it was damn difficult to get there! Teck Yen & Chai were following my car - I assumed that I knew the way but I was wrong, missed one turning & we are on our joyride. We used the Seri Kembangan's way & managed to reach TPM then we missed a turning & ended at Old Klang Road. Then we started our joyride from there then when we reach the "Kelab Kuda" we missed another turning going into the hotel!!! WTF!!! Then we do another round of joyride and fortunately with the guidance from SITI's very Yogi Bear (Hazman) we managed to reach the hotel. Supposed to reach there by 7.30pm ended up reaching at 8.30pm.

The theme for the Annual Dinner was "Reminiscence of the Malaccan Empire" and this is how I dressed up for the dinner.

The CAHD's I look like Stephen Chow in Kung Fu Hustle? Hehehe

There is nothing to shout about the event as it was pretty much predictable just like previous years. Then again, I'm not taking away anything from the organizing committees as I know it is not easy to organize such a big event. They are serving "fusion" kind of foods - we have the western mixed malay kinda foods. We started with "smoked salmon, shrimp & salad with thousand island sauce" - personally I think this is the best thing on the menu! Then we got "cream potato with garlic toast" - not bad either. The main entree are asam fish, pandan chicken, roasted lamb, curried prawns, fried squid, long beans with rice. As for dessert, we got chocolate mousse & vanilla ice-cream - yum yum, I like sweet stuff lol : )

The event ended at around 1.30am and then we were lepaking at the hall & taking pics then everyone balik lol. Luckily I didnt go to Harsh's place as they ended their 2nd round party at 8am in the morning! You guys are "geng"! Hands down to you all!!!

CTS has a fair share of the awards at the event yesterday. Connie was awarded as Miss Sunshine while Grace Lee was awarded the best dress award a.k.a the Hang Li Po award. Here's my pics with the winners hehehe ; )

Grace Lee - Puteri Hang Li Po

Connie Chan - Miss Sunshine 2006

I spotted something unusual on Cindy's back and guess what???

Cindy has tattoos? Look how shocked I am!

I also spotted a loan shark at the Dinner!!! He's so serious and if look could kill, the cameraman could be dead by now!!!

The ever serious Mr.Shahnaz aka my BOSS!

Lastly, I just want to say that I didn't manage to break the "voodoo" of not winning any lucky draw at the Annual Dinner. It has been 5 Annual Dinners since I joined Siham! Well, I guess I'll just have to hope for better luck next year - just like how I hoped few years back...sigh! My time will come? We'll see...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

BIG Prawn Head

I thought I won't hv anything to update for today but then again something happened to me. I somehow become "big prawn head" to left my house + car keys in my room and locked it! I have my room door's spare keys in my car but then again my car keys are locked in the room too! So, I need to pinjam Leonard's car and drove all the way back to Klang to get my car's spare key to unlock my car so that I can get my room's spare keys.

That's all for today becos that's the only thing I wanted to write here...otherwise it is just another day in my mundane and simple life : )

Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday Blues???

Monday is here again and well at least today is better than any other Mondays as I somehow "miraclously" didn't feel the blues! Hehehe...I guess that's because there is no meetings except for 1 SCMS meeting earlier. I basically hv some time to clear off my emails and stuff since I was on MC last Friday. I "lou sai" badly for the whole of last week and hopefully I am well again now since I managed to "gasak" 1 plate of curry chee cheong fun, 1 plate of fried carrot cake, 1/2 bowl of porridge and 1 steam egg (btw, I am sharing with my mum la!!!!) so I guess I am all well now : )

Yes, yty, Liverpool beat Chelski 2-1, it was quite a boring game but still worth watching as all 3 goals are well crafted and high quality goals esp the one scored by Riise. The Norwegian ran almost one end to another end and release an unstopable shot which dipped at the last min to beat Cudicini. Poor fellah Cudicini, twice he got beaten by Riise's power shots. I hope that this is the omen for Liverpool to claim their first Premiership crown in 20 over years. I also wish to see my idols Fowler and Kewell back in actions for Liverpool.

Enuf said...I better get back to work and finish off all my emails hehehe.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

First Posting - Welcome to MY LIFE!

Been thinking to set up a blog for a long time since it has been the "in" thing nowadays! I started to have this thought since I bought my first digital camera few months back. Of late, I have been addicted to Kenny Sia' blog and I thought it would be cool to have my own blog. Another advantage of having a blog is that I don't have to repeat myself for events that happned around me.

Have you encounter situations whereby something happened to you and different people on different time would ask you what happened? And you would have to be a "tape-recorder" on the repeat mode? Wouldn't it be cool to just say, "GO read my BLOG?" Me think it's COOL!

I am waiting for the Charity Shield game between Chelsea and Liverpool to start. I would love to see Lampard vs Gerrard! It would be hard for me to choose the winners of this game as I idolised Lampard while I am a Liverpool supporter. So how? Hehehe...I hope that Liverpool beat Chelski and Lampard would play for the Reds then...kill 2 birds with one stone mah.

Anyway...I am running out of words here...stay tuned for more : )