Monday, April 02, 2007

Champions League Trophy - Up Close & Personal

2 weeks back I went to Fitness First at the Curve coutersy of a "visitor" pass that Yee Qi got. It was my first time going to such fitness centre before this the Shell Gym is the only place I ever been. The place is huge and they have all the high-tech & well maintained equipments. Did some running, cycle, stretching, sauna, etc. The most interesting exercise was the class room exercises such as body jump and kickboxing, it is fun to have ppl showing how it is done and shouting instructions at the front and everyone else is trying their best to follow the movements. What more if there are dozen of pretty gals in the room with you??? Slurpppppp. Gals there were wearing kinda sexy sports apparels and I feel like they are parading their already firm and nice body. On top of that they are all wearing branded stuff...for one moment I thought it was a sports fashion show. Anyway...I enjoyed the views there it just gave me extra motivation hehehe. Thanks to Yee Qi for inviting me there : )

On my way back after the gym session, I saw a crowd of people crowding the open space in front of Cineleisure. Well, being kaypoh I just wanna check out what's the commotion all about as I saw some bodyguards around that area as well. Then I found out that the "Big Ears" is being paraded as part of the Heineken marketing. I didnt have the chance to take a pic with the trophy as alot of kiasu ppl are pushing around...anyway I only managed to get this pic from afar. Anyway, I will have a up close and personal one with the one that we have in Anfield...too bad Old Trafford didnt have this trophy...enuf said.