Thursday, November 29, 2007

Attacked By Red Bombs

Hey has been ages since I update my blog yet again!!! Hahaha...kinda expected of me now. Anyway...I have been simply busy with year end stuff...been doing year end reviews, attending weddings and parties ; ) Life is good despite the hectic schedule as I get to meet some old friends during wedddings and of course enjoy the process of organizing the parties.

Yeah, I am the chairman of the Event Committee for my department and my team and I are in charge in bringing fun filled activities to the department. Well, my term has almost come to an end as I would be handing over the responsibilities to next year's Event Committee. Part of me feels relieved and another part of me feels sad as I have always enjoyed working with my team as they were awesome bunch of people to work with. I will always remember the good times we had despite there are some we are all stressed to achieve our goals ; )

Well, for the month of Nov & Dec, I would say beside being busy with works, I believe most of us has been attacked by some red bombs especially for those within my age. Starting Nov til mid Dec, almost every week I have wedding dinner to attend.

Red Bombs!

All the wedding dinners are kinda scattered too. I have attended and will be attending dinner in KL, Bangi, Melaka, Setiawan and Kuching. Hahaha, good opportunity to travel around also la even though it is a short trip.

And for the 1st time, I had become "Ji Mui" in my life for one of my Secondary school frens. It was kinda fun and being Ji Mui has a lot of perks and privilleges. More on that in my next posting. Sneak preview on Mei's wedding in the pic below:

So Cute!!!

I guess that's all for now. I need to prepare for my department Appreciation Night Dinner now as the dinner is on tomorrow and we all will be dressing up Funky-ly, Groovy-ly & Hippy-ly :P
Here's the sneak preview on how FUNKY I would be:

Am I FUNKY enuf? :P

I personally have spent RM300 for some Funky-O clothes...can't wait for the dinner tomorrow and bring back the 32" LCD TV should I win it from the Lucky Draw....hahaha....wish me luck! :P


Blogger queen_of_bee said...

guys should be "ji kong", not "ji mui" :)

may you bring back the tv and dont forget my 10% share :P

1:50 AM


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