Saturday, October 27, 2007

Reds are Back on Song?

Tonight is the big game between the 2 giants of EPL...judging by form, everyone's money would be on Arsenal to bag the 3 pts away from Anfield. As usual, Alberto (my football watching buddy) would be predicting the headline for tomorrow's paper in the sports section. Being Alberto who is a diehard Man U fan, I guess his prediction would be "Gunners & Reds share the spoil" or "Reds are Back on Song". For the first time, we would be supporting Liverpool to overcome or to stop the Gunners from marching further up the table.

Judging by Rafa's tinkering (remind you of Ranieri???) on the squad, I would hope for the best and hopefully with the return of Spanish axis of Alonso and Torres, Rafa could get it right. In additional, my favourite player Harry Kewell is back from injury as well and would be in contention for a place in the bench. He had scored wonder goal against Arsenal before while playing for Leeds and I would be hoping that he could do the same thing again tonight.

Anfield used to be the fotress where we collect tonnes of points and record number of clean sheets which helped Reina to the best GK of EPL for 2 seasons and I am sure Rafa would have the wits to overcome the rampaging Gunners.

Can't wait till the game kicks off ; )


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