Tuesday, September 05, 2006

KK Trip - Did I Conquer Mount KK? Part 2

I'm back again...to continue with my KK trip story...day 2, I went for water rafting at Padas...FYI, Padas is another town God knows how many miles away from KK but what I know is that it takes about 1.5hrs drive from KK to get to this small town called Beaufort then we would take a train for another 1.5hrs to get to Padas.

Beaufort Train Station - Pic taken b4 boarding the train

I must say that I didnt expect the train that we are taking is such an old train...I am not sure if it is operating using charcoal but I can say it is really old : ) It was really stuffy in the train as they are stuffing in like 10 ppl into a Kancil!!! Then train ride took us across some villages & river where we would be water-rafting on yehaa!!! We stopped at the "end point" & leave all our stuff there & continue the train ride to the "starting point". After 1 hour of fixing up the raft & security briefing, we pulled our raft to the river & started our "fun"!!! The whole rafting thingy is slightly more than an hour & I must say that I really enjoyed it - kinda like riding a horse on water hehehe. But I hate the "teh tarik" coloured water - the marshall made all of us fall into the river lol : (

No camera allowed unless you wanna get your camera wet so the organizer decided to make good money by snapping our pics from "hidden" spots & then try selling us the pics. 4 pics + 1 enlarged pic cost RM50 so I ended up taking a pic of the pictures hehehe...save RM50 just like that!!! Smart leh?

That's part 2 of the trilogy that I'm directing...stay tuned for the last part of the story & I'll let you all know if I manage to conquer mount KK hehehe...